Minezeal is owned by Augustine Corporation. It is a social media platform for discovering new friends, connecting with family and friends, searching and applying for new jobs, studying online, and listening to your favorite radio and music online.


Augustine Corporation created this platform to make communication easier and social media networks easy for everyone who has friends and loved ones in a faraway location. 


Also, you can make new friends, network, and connect with them. Our goal is to help you stay in touch with your loved ones, make new connections, create and build user communities online, impact lives positively and also grow your businesses online.


Below is the payment and refund policy for Minezeal

  • For payment, all Payments will be made via bank transfers. Our bank details are on our website.
  • Once payment has been made, a receipt will be issued to that effect immediately and it will be sent via email to your email address.
  • For cancellation of the subscription, once a user submits a request for cancellation, no additional charges will be made. However, ensure you send a message via email to that effect. Also, send the message before your current subscription runs out. Failure to do, you will have to pay for the next month’s subscription.
  • All unpaid accounts will be suspended once the subscription expires.
  • We do not make any refunds for payments made. Hence, in case of any complaints, kindly send a mail to us at